Abrites OR Autohex BMW Diagnostic Tool

Abrites AVDI Diagnostic Scan Tool

Here I will sort the major differences between Abrites Commander and Autohex II.

The following reviews and reports have everything you need to know about the these two BMW tools. I will review and make comparisons, and you will then choose which best suits your needs.

 Abrites Commander For BMW

If you use Abrites AVDI original BMW Diagnostic tool running the latest software you will agree the software is not that impressive.

AVDI is completely ineffective in flashing Ecus in all BMW models. Most of time it fails before it completes the Ecu programming. Mainly you will experience numerous errors when you set up the flash signatures soon after programming.

The mileage correction functions are quite perfectly in certain Ecus but has some issues in so many other types of Ecus (the newer Ecu the less successful function), although thumbs up for it in mileage calibration

Many users claim to have damaged DDE/DME, ZGWs, DSC, Kombi, FRM, climatronic, and they managed to flash back and fix some of the issues with ICOM. However, a couple of them don’t since they lost communication over obd2.

Autohex II BMW Diagnostic Tool

Autohex II BMW Diagnostic Tool is an excellent software for BMW models 2003 and up, you will like their skilled technical support, A great tool for Ecu programming,  use of ecu coding as well as BMW isn. In addition to that it is cost effective than AVID BMW Tool. If you have used both Autohex II and AVDI, you will definitely agree that Autohex has a number of advantages over its competitors.

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Autohex II BMW Scan tool

Autohex II BMW Scan tool

A BMW scan tool is a powerful tool that is capable of performing different functions like ECU replacement/update, coding, adaptations, key programming etc. It may save hours of error detection and may be successful in detecting the trouble. Apart from diagnose functions and service functions, it combines all the workshop requirements.

One of the main functions of this type of software is to perform ECU programming. ECU or Electric Control Unit programming can do wonders in a car! Starting from unlocking of doors to rolling up of windows- nothing is impossible for them. This revolutionary technology even helps in effortless gear changing.

One of the famous brands is AutoHex II Scan Tool:

The specialities of this brand are:

  • It allows individual coding and programming
  • The VIN of all ECU including that of CAS ECU can be changed using this tool.
  • In case of defective CAS 1,2,3 and CAS3+ECU, they can change it with other ECUs.
  • It is capable of taking backup and restoring FA (vehicle order) from the different ECUs.
  • Each module can be programmed on its own.
  • It also has the ability to run dealer software with absolute compatibility.
  • The product can be customised for free.
  • It also supports free update.
  • If you face any difficulty, you may take help of the free support using Teamviewer, emails, skype or whatsapp.

Another prominent name in this field is Autologic. It is a famous name in the field of aftermarket automobile diagnosis. Its important features are:

  • It is an unparalleled software.
  • It works faster and smarter than technicians in BMW scanning.
  • It provides valuable information with respect to vehicle repairing.
  • It is a Coding Individualisation and Programming Software. It helps both in coding and programming.
  • There are many configuring abilities. The type of configuration depends on the country under consideration.
  • It is efficient in ECU programming.
  • It is undoubtedly the most comprehensive software that the BMW specialists use.
  • It supports full component activation.
  • It clears and sets the adaptation value.
  • Its programming ability includes both program control and transmission control modules.
  • It helps in real-time reading of dynamic data.

More information about BMW Scan Tool and you can check more info like ISN Reading, ISN writing for BMW DME and DDE : BMW ISN Tool

Why chose Autologic BMW Scan Tool?

The unique feature of Autologic BMW diagnostic tool is it is the only aftermarket BMW scan tool. It is easy to use. It is also the only scan tool that provides both programming and coding under the single platform.

Here, a large, touch-sensitive screen displays to the information. And if all these reasons are not enough, it supports the trial substitution of control units and helps in the fitting of BMW accessories.

While Autologic BMW scan tool coverage is mainly for the vehicles of the year 1996 onwards, BMW Mini coverage by it is for vehicles from 2001 onwards.

AssistPlus: One of the Autologic products for BMW is AssistPlus. It is basically a combination of European multi-brand diagnostic abilities with third-party information sources and has a number of online features to give you the best possible experience! It is deft at handling the European cars with complex designs.

Apart from the diagnostic features, it comes with an array of other stunning features such as web browser, high resolution video and stills camera, support of Assist Technicians and vehicle-reporting that is based on clouds.

So, you can trust these BMW Scan Tools instead of doing it manually or approaching mechanics for the same! They work best and are the ideal tools that your car would need!


For more information http://www.microtronik.com/support/autohex-ii-bmw-advanced-functions

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Advanced Tools to read BMW ISN

The reason for starting this topic is to hopefully help others in deciding what would be the best BMW diagnostic tool for their needs. I’m hoping that this will help you to be more clear about the difference.

So, there’s is a good amount of info available for these scan tools in websites, but you have to do a lot of digging and research to determine the finer points . in some of your opinions may neither one is perfect (although they are very, very good in their own right).

I suppose it’s impossible to make an exhaustive list between the two, but this is what I’ve managed to determine so far.

Based on my budget of 5500 $, this is how these products compare. My main requirement is around working on cars with Continental and Bosch ECUs.

BMW Explorer:

  • Basic package, with the addition of the Cas Key module and the Continental Ecus. As part of this I’m adding ecu explorer to the mix as well.
  • This can do pretty much any BMW E series ecu. But for each additional type you need to add 200 euro. This doesn’t bug me that much, as I can easy read ISN from most Bosch ecu, but it may be a problem for others.
  • For doing anything on F series, you’ll have to add 2000 euro at minimum.
  • To do ISN of EGS (6hp) is another 600 euro
  • ECU explorer allows full cloning of any Tricore ecu. You need the Continental module of BMW Explorer to clone a Siemens/Continental Tricore ecu. This is a powerful feature, although to make it work on f series Siemens you might have to add the 2000 euro F series option in BMW explorer.
  • Only 1 developer. If something had to happen to him, there would be no future updates.
  • PayPal is not accepted.

Autohex II:

  • Autohex II locksmith package, around the same price as above.
  • Comes with Hitag BMW key programmer
  • Can do pretty much all e and f series ISN read, except for F series Continental (currently not possible for Autohex)
  • Can already do ISN of EGS (only 6hp)
  • It has no similar cloning ability like ecu explorer
  • There’s an issue with changing the power class on Continental Tricore ECUs, although I believe they are working on a fix for this. I do not know if this is an issue for BMW Explorer.
  • The online programming function to determine the zusb from the VO is very powerful, although you have to pay another $1000 for that. I do not think BMW Explorer has this feature
  • A $750 annual subscription. As far as I know, you don’t have this for BMW Explorer. I can understand the need for this from Autohex, but it does add to the price over a few years of ownership.
  • They accept Paypal.
  • Seems like they have a team of developers, so subjectively safer as far as company future is concerned.
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