Abrites OR Autohex BMW Diagnostic Tool

Abrites AVDI Diagnostic Scan Tool

Here I will sort the major differences between Abrites Commander and Autohex II.

The following reviews and reports have everything you need to know about the these two BMW tools. I will review and make comparisons, and you will then choose which best suits your needs.

 Abrites Commander For BMW

If you use Abrites AVDI original BMW Diagnostic tool running the latest software you will agree the software is not that impressive.

AVDI is completely ineffective in flashing Ecus in all BMW models. Most of time it fails before it completes the Ecu programming. Mainly you will experience numerous errors when you set up the flash signatures soon after programming.

The mileage correction functions are quite perfectly in certain Ecus but has some issues in so many other types of Ecus (the newer Ecu the less successful function), although thumbs up for it in mileage calibration

Many users claim to have damaged DDE/DME, ZGWs, DSC, Kombi, FRM, climatronic, and they managed to flash back and fix some of the issues with ICOM. However, a couple of them don’t since they lost communication over obd2.

Autohex II BMW Diagnostic Tool

Autohex II BMW Diagnostic Tool is an excellent software for BMW models 2003 and up, you will like their skilled technical support, A great tool for Ecu programming,  use of ecu coding as well as BMW isn. In addition to that it is cost effective than AVID BMW Tool. If you have used both Autohex II and AVDI, you will definitely agree that Autohex has a number of advantages over its competitors.

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